‘Catherine Toon is a powerhouse of peace. The reflection of Jesus that shines through her and her ministry bring healing to the deepest places in hearts. You simply can’t be around her without feeling the Father’s perfect love. Her prophetic teaching, coaching, and healing gifts stream from the overflow of her own personal transformation and encounters with the One who loves you unconditionally and completely. You’ll leave her presence knowing that you are absolutely loved, believed in, and empowered to be exactly who God created you to be. – Schlyce (Founder of Emerge School of Transformation)

‘Catherine Toon reminds me of a mixture between the skilled surgeon that knows exactly what needs to happen to bring wholeness, mixed with the nurses that ensure you that everything is going to be ok when your getting your first set of shots as a little boy or girl. She carries such an incredible authority, but truly operates in it to serve those people she has been entrusted with.’ – Justin Knapp (Senior Leader at Pulse)